To enroll in KareBear Daycare parents must have an interview with the provider & complete the enrollment packet. A decision cannot be made at first interview. I encourage parents to go home and sleep on it and then make a decision. During the enrollment process, you must complete forms regarding your child's health and development. These forms include family information, a medical authorization and consent form, and a developmental history. There is no deposit fee for you to pay but I would appreciate it if you are not interested in my services when you visit that you return the documents.


  • Full Time is when a child is here more than 3 days a week and six or more per day

Sorry, No openings at this time...

KareBear Daycare follows the Dist. 15 school schedule

HOURS: 5-6:30pm (My hours are your contracted hours)

Payment Options

  • I accept electronic payment along with checks and cash.